Drink Better! Capsules - Kaparao (Brazil)

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Sweet, Round & Comforting

Tastes like:

Hazelnut, Chocolate, Dark Fruit

Region: Kaparao
Process: Natural
Varieties: Mixed Cultivar
Contains 10 Specialty Coffee Capsules


Recommend brew method: SHORT espresso function or 40ml output



Who says coffee capsules make really bad coffee??? Who said you can't have specialty coffee without conveninece??

We bring you the best of both worlds!

We always want to challenge what YOU think about what good coffee is, so we decided to squeeze in some of our greatest hits into CAPSULES

We put a lot of effort into researching a coffee that we believe brews well in a capsule, and roasting it to taste good wasn't a cake walk either!

Stick it in your capsule machine, push a button, and enjoy some AMAZING coffee at your own convenience!


It's still just a brew method though...

We must emphasize that at the end of the day, it's still a brew method. Coffee can always overextract

For this coffee, we have dialed in the roast and grind size to taste good to work with the SHORT brewing function on most capsule machines out there

Don't Waste The Taste

These Capsules are Compostable too! Don't waste the taste


About the Coffee

This is mixed lot from various producers in the region of Serra de Kaparao in Brazil. A blended lot put together by 3brothers Coffee in Brazil, they work with various small holders and large farms, blended an amazing lot of coffee that is representative of what naturals can be in Brazil