Costa Rica Finca Aquiares Esperanza Honey

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Creamy & Soft

Tastes Experience:

Apple Juice, Lemon Candy

Process: Red Honey

Varieties: Esperanza
Produced by: Robelo Family
Estate: Aquiares Estate


About the coffee:

Aquiares Estate is a producer that keeps on giving. If you've noticed, we bought the previous anaerobic version of their esperanza variety before and it was an instant hit! This time, we have their Red Honey processed coffee

Red Honey coffees are not exactly processed with honey as the name suggests. Rather, mucilage is left on and it is dried, giving a sticky and viscous sensation like honey. It is Red, meaning the degree of mucilage left on is closer to 50%.

I love this coffee as it exhibits the soft side of this coffee, making it sweet and enhancing its mouthfeel