Brazil Ipanema Alma Di Monti Wine Gold (Natural Anaerobic Fermentation)

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Complex, Winey, Clean

Tastes Experience:

Movedere, Plum, Chocolate

Process: Natural Anaerobic Whole Cherry Fermentation

Varieties: Red Acacia
Produced by: Ipanema Gourmet
Estate: Fazenda Rio Verde


About Ipanema Gourmet, Fazenda Rio Verde and Premier Cru Coffees:
Ipanema Gourmet runs Fazenda Rio Verde in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since 1970, Ipanema Gourmet has been producing high quality coffee in their farm that spans 4,500 hectres, of which we can find 69 different terroirs. The best 32 are chosen to produce coffees designated under the Premier Cru series.
About the coffee:
The Gold Series represents higher quality and more meticulous production compared to the black series. This coffee is designated as A50 Wine Gold

It was hand harvested, dried on raised beds for 475 hours and fermented for 136 hours. 
The flavour intensity is exceptional, with sparkling acidity that mellows down into a smooth round mouthfeel, followed by a long chocolate sweetness