V60 Brew recipe - Simple brewing, great results always

This is our go-to method that we use all the time!

14g coarse ground coffee (8 on EK, or a sandy consistency)

220g water


0:00 Start pour, pour 50g, swirl dripper

0:30 Pour till scale reads 120g

1:00 Pour till scale reads 180g

1:30 Pour till scale reads 220g, swirl dripper

Let drip all the way


Some things to note: 

1) It's all in the swirl! That's what makes this method so consistent, no matter how you pour, the drawdown and distribution is going to be evened out

2) Pour quickly. Don't stay too long, we know you want to drink coffee soon

3) Buy good coffee. The biggest variables are always the coffee you buy, and the water you use. Check out our store here