Faces of Coffee - Alwin

Alwin shares with us about competition, career, and sharing coffee through Anteroom

"I think most notably I remember that for you setting out to a usual career track didn’t really appeal to you. What was it about coffee that made you keep coming back?"

I was definitely drawn towards the human connections and conversations made between both sides of the bar, as well as the constant learning process that specialty coffee puts you through.

Competing in the Singapore National Brewers Cup in January was a culmination of these 2 factors, where it was a huge learning curve for me as it widen my perspective and knowledge of what specialty coffee is and what it could be in the future. It also showed me how we can all grow together as a community even though the aspect of competition was very much present when fellow friends took to the stage and presented their routines in that window of 10 minutes. However, what many might not see is the days and hours put into training and perfecting our craft, fuelled by a tinge of passion.

Specialty coffee also never fails to keep inspiring me to better myself as a coffee professional and a human. I’m someone that craves a constant challenge and being in this industry keeps me on the edge of knowledge, where I’m always learning something new through fellow peers and even customers in the coffee community.

"Anteroom’s a cool space. For you, How does it reflect what the process of sharing coffee is?"

Anteroom Coffee Brewers came about with the purpose of serving consistent and quality coffee in the central business district, but plans didn’t go accordingly as the right space didn’t come about at an opportune time. The current location that we call our own definitely still emcompasses the purpose we strive for, as it give us the time and freedom to explore the wonders of specialty coffee through experimentation with different variables that affect the extraction of coffee.


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