Faces of Coffee: Carmel

Carmel shares with us her first experience visiting the beautiful farms of Myanmar and tasting some of their amazing coffees produced by their people:

This coffee expedition in Myanmar has allowed me to witness the Burmese communities’ hard work & dedication in producing high quality green beans. Every processing step makes a critical difference to making great coffee. The coffee go through strict protocol of sorting and drying fresh coffee cherries to lastly sorting green beans.

As we cupped the coffees from a total of 45 communities, the quality and consistency were evidently shown.

The producers are constantly pushing themselves by experimenting different processing methods such as anaerobic fermentation for eg, in order to be ahead or different. Many were amazing as they had complexity of sweet & juicy flavour notes which I wouldn’t have thought they were from Myanmar. I feel that their determination within the recent years has been paid off. They have come a long way and I believe they would continue to impress more people and I hope to translate their stories & coffees our friends & customers!

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— Maxim Tourou


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