Brazil Sitio Vargem Grande #9 Anaerobic

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Tastes like:

Dried Figs, Ripe Tropical Fruit, Cherry, Lemongrass

Packed in 200g roasted


Region: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varieties: Yellow Catuai

Produced by: Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra

This is an exclusive small quantity lot 

One of the most interesting coffees we worked with of late, we love how it is complex and juicy. The flavours pack a real punch, and it feels like the processing has brought the best out of this lot. Your mornings are sure to be turned up to 11 with this unique coffee from Brazil!

If you remember a while ago we featured a coffee from Sitio Sao Pedro run by Lourdes Fatima. 

Rosimeire is married to one of her sons, and runs Sitio Vargem Grande closely with Lourdes. Together, they learn about fermentation methods through different techniques to achieve incredible quality and flavour