Sao Pedro

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Tastes like:

Strawberry Milkshake, Mango

Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate

Packed in 200g roasted whole bean

Region: Pará, Brazil

Process: Natural

Varieties: Red Catuai

Produced by: Lourdes Fatima

Estate: Sitio Sao Pedro 

This lot is produced by Lourdes Fatima and her son Tiago on their farm Sitio Sao Pedro


We enjoy brewing this coffee with the following methods

Pourover (14g coffee : 225g Water)

French Press/Clever Dripper (15g coffee to 250g Water)

Espresso (1g Coffee : 2.5g Water)

Batch Brew (60g coffee per litre water)

*If you'd like your coffee ground, note that it will be ground at a standard coarse grind size that is usable for our pourover and immersion methods


It is big, bold and has super creamy and distinct notes that make it stand out from the usual mixed lot brazils we normally get in the market. We love how much the texture and mouthfeel of creamy strawberry milkshake is held up by sparkling tropical mango, finishing off with a lingering vanilla and dark chocolate candy bar

Coffees from Brazil are usually recognisably comforting - they exhibit a very well-known, sometimes typical, flavour of coffee that most people enjoy: Nutty, chocolates, and other sweet dessert-like notes. It gets a little boring after a while, but this particular lot exhibits much more than that!