Pozo Negro Collective

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Tastes like:

Apricot, Orange Peel, Stonefruit

Peach, Elderflower, Peanut Praline

Packed in 200g roasted

Region: Initbuca, Honduras

Process: Washed

Varieties: IH-90


We've always loved coffees from Central America. They bring a whole new diversity of flavour, and feature different micro-climates in vastly different types of terroir in these nations. Honduras, with it's high elevation and unique varieties, bring coffees with great flavour structure. We love how soft they are: gentle malic acidity, big sweetness, sometimes very delicate and clean with almost elderflower like florals

This coffee isn't just about being TASTY. It embodies the sustainability aspect of the specialty coffee industry!

We got this coffee from our partner Nordic Approach who has been working with 60 producers in and around the Pozo Negro Community to offer them financial security and peace of mind in order to continue producing beautiful coffees.

We're glad to be playing our part in our own small way by roasting these coffees. Nordic Approach aims to find a stable market for these communities in Honduras so that eventually, they'll be able to earn more over time


We enjoy brewing this coffee with the following methods

Pourover (14g coffee : 225g Water)

French Press/Clever Dripper (15g coffee to 250g Water)

Espresso (1g Coffee : 2.5g Water)

Batch Brew (60g coffee per litre water)

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