Penas Negras #1

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Tastes like:

Boysenberry, Pear, Orange Jam, Hibiscus

Packed in 200g roasted


Region: Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed

Varieties: Colombia

Produced by: Sebastian Trujillo

Microlot located in Tarqui

We are so glad to be serving this micro lot by Sebastian Trujillo

In the Cup

Comfortable, Juicy, with lots of darker floral notes in the finish:

- Juicy pear in the body

- Hibiscus in the finish

- Boysenberry in the front


More about Tarqui


Tarqui is a tiny town located in Huila, Colombia. Our partners at Nordic Approach have been working with various partners there to celebrate and encourage better production of coffees in this area. With an Altitude of over 2000 MASL and various micro climates that encourage the production of high quality coffees, the flavours that come from the terroir of this region have been proving to be more than exceptional

For a small area, this region is dense with producers that strive for better growing, picking and other fundamentals of quality quality. Competitions are also held to incentivise farmers with their coffee quality, paying them more than the average price based on their scores

Huila is a challenging place to dry washed coffees with it's high humidity and rainfall. With these incentives, it helps farmers invest in equipment like parabolic dryers that better ventilate their coffees