Pa-O (Washed)

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Tastes like:

Oolong Milk Tea


Sugar Cane

Packed in 200g roasted


Region: Pin Laung, Myanmar

Process: Washed

Varieties: S795, SL34, Caturra, Catuai

Produced by: Behind The Leaf Coffee, in collaboration with local smallholders


More about Pa-O (Black Honey)

This coffee is a blended lot processed by Behind The Leaf, who buys cherries at higher prices from various villages in and around the mill. The name "Pa-O" refers to the indigenous people in the mountains of Pin Laung. They wear iconic, traditional orange head scarves that are unique to their people. 

This is one of our favourites from the many samples we've tasted at their lab. Sweet, silky, with a comforting well-bodied flavour structure. This is a black honey processed lot, meaning that cherries are pulped to remove the outer flesh and skin, leaving a good amount of mucilage that remains on the parchment coffee. Natural yeast breaks down the sweet, sticky mucilage and contributes to the flavour as the coffee dries over time


More about Behind The Leaf

Situated in the mountains of Shan in Myanmar is Pin Laung, a small township about a 4-hour drive from the nearest airport, Hohei. We visited Behind The Leaf in 2019 where we tasted some of the most beautiful lots of coffee in these rural highlands


The facility itself is anything but low tech: It's probably one of the most advanced mills in Myanmar, maybe the world with some of the most progressive techniques and equipment that can bring the absolute best out of the flavours in coffee.

We had the privilege of cupping some amazing lots and experiencing flavours we could never expect from a South East Asian coffee: Anaerobic fermentation lots tasted complex, with too many notes to write down. Washed coffees tasted full despite being clean, 

All this takes place under the watchful eye of Melanie Edwards who runs this beautiful mill. An American who has lived in Burma for over 18 years, her genuine care for the coffees and the people who work for her comes out year after year when we visit and taste the fruits of the labour of the people. We are always blown away by her absolute tenacity and hunger to push coffee and what it can do to it's limits.

We are always humbled by her hospitality towards us every time we visit her. Her care and concern to those around her really embodies the spirit of coffee that at the end of the day, it isn't just about flavour.

Besides just buying coffee from them, Behind The Leaf is also involved in projects that improve the lives of partner villages around the mill. From initiatives from Dental care to financial planning and support, what they do shows us that coffee is in the business of people