Mexico Finca Santa Teresa (Natural)

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Sweet, Fun, Jammy and Juicy!

Tastes like:

Bubblegum Chocolate Candy, Macerated Cherry

Region: Sierra Madre de Chiapas
Process: Natural
Varieties: Bourbon
Produced by: Jorge Esteve


Relatively new in the specialty market, Mexican coffees are up and coming due to their amazing varieties and great flavour! We love sourcing coffees from unheard of places as we advocate wider drinking, so that we can support and enjoy the work of emerging origins

Finca Santa Teresa is an amazing example of how Mexican coffees have emerged!

We were so blown away by it's forward flavour, tasting like chocolate candy!


About the Coffee

This beautiful Bourbon natural is produced by Jorge Esteve, who shifted to specialty production in light of stagnant prices for coffee. We love seeing producers go out there to make the most out of their coffee, adding to the amazing pool of great coffees out there

This lot is harvested by hand, picking the ripest cherries. They are then sorted, weighed, cleaned and dried on raised beds until >12% moisture