Mekuria Mergia

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Tastes like:

Stonefruit, Elderflower, Hops

Packed in 200g roasted


Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Varieties: Heirloom



Everybody loves a good Ethiopian coffee. But it's not every you get single-farmer lot that's as tasty as it is! Other than processing coffees at his wet mill, producer Merkuria Mergia's produces coffees as his own lot from cherries picked from farms that he purchases from. Cherries are sorted for the ripest, before being pulped and soaked for 24 hours. They are then sorted via water channels for sizes, followed by a drying time of 10-12 days on African raised beds.

You'll be tasting really juicy purple stonefruits like plum, dates & peach. It comes up like black tea in the mid palate, and ends aromatically with huge notes of eldersflower and... HOPS. That's right, the kind in your favourite IPA

Even if you're not a beer head, you'll love this classic and floral Guji coffee for it's juicy character

We enjoy brewing this coffee with the following methods

Pourover (14g coffee : 225g Water)

French Press/Clever Dripper (15g coffee to 250g Water)

Espresso (1g Coffee : 2.5g Water)

Batch Brew (60g coffee per litre water)