Kaparao - Milk Espresso Profile

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Specially Roasted for Espresso with Milk 

Tastes like:

Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Raisin

Packed in 200g or 1kg roasted


Region: Serra Do Kaparao, Brazil

Process: Natural

Varieties: Mixed

Produced by: Various Producers in the region of Serra Do Kaparao

Currently not a coffee offered on our subscription plan, but feel free to order anyway!
Recommended Pairings:
A huge melty chocolate chip cookie, a thick hand-woven duvet, "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Rae
Roaster's commentary
If you're planning to brew this, I do suggest the following parameters
1:2 full espresso
10.5% TDS
21% extraction
with 120ml steamed full cream milk
With our new store at 409 River Valley Road, we've been playing around with various coffees we find suited for milk espresso. Take note that we didn't "roast it for espresso" by taking it and modifying it to suit our needs, but rather choosing to express the strengths of this coffee.
This coffee comes from the region of serra do kaparao, and is a joint project by 3brothers Brazil, Burgeon Specialty Coffee and Caparao Junior to provide better agronomist support to producers in the region, as well as development of younger coffee producers' careers in coffee growing. This regional lot works with the strength of many producers in the area, and seeks to continually promote coffees from this rergion