Finca Argentina

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Tastes like:

Candied Apple, Cranberries, Honey

Packed in 200g roasted

Region: Cauca, Colombia
Process: Washed
Varieties: Caturra
Produced by: Familia Gomez


We cupped this beautiful coffee on the table with our friends at Mercanta while we were looking to update our selection with an affordable coffee that performs above expectations when this one stood out so wonderfully

Familia Gomez is a family of four brothers and sisters. Together with their own families, they run the farm alongside their matriarch Dona Isuara, taking care of their own small plots

It's vibrant character and well structured flavour is a testament to the level of quality control taking place at the farm where they have they handle their own warehousing and even house their own cupping lab

Photos and information provided by Mercanta Ltd