Vega Del Rosario

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A collaborative project with Compound Coffee Co.



Tastes like:

Redcurrant, Vanilla, Walnut, Pecan

Packed in 200g roasted


Region: Siltepec, Mexico

Process: Washed

Varieties: Marselesa, Bourbon

Produced by: Various smallholders in the town of Vega Del Rosario



Coffee is more impactful and more important than you think it is. The supply chain with exporters, roasters, and drinkers all play a part to improving the quality of life for all involved. That's why Quarter Life Coffee believes that specialty coffee is a better way forward through buying better and drinking better

Mexico is a brand new origin where specialty coffee is starting to thrive. Most smallholder farmers that live in Mexico are at a great disadvantage to the current economic stagnation in parts of rural Mexico. The cooperative GRAPOS was formed to help small farmers deal with these problems. 


With this lot of coffee sourced through Compound Coffee Co, $4 per green kilo weight is paid back directly to GRAPOS to purchase moisture meters and to build drying beds for farmers to meet specialty coffee standards in order for them to earn more from quality rather than through volume