Jairo Arcila - WWF

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Tastes like:

Stewed Tropical Fruit, Chardonnay Grape

Green Mango, Chamomile

Packed in 200g roasted

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Process: Natural Extended Fermentation / White Wine Fermentation (WWF)

Varieties: Castillo


One of the most notable things about this coffee’s flavour comes from it’s unique processing method which is a type of extended fermentation

The Castillo cherries undergo a 30 hour dry anaerobic fermentation, followed by drying on raised beds until the coffee reaches 20% moisture

The next part involves a 80 hour secondary fermentation stage where the cherries are transferred into Grainpro bags where fermentation is driven by wild yeast. These conditions are similar to anaerobic environments in wine processing, hence producing a chardonnay wine-like flavour profile