Colombia Los Nogales (Washed)

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Floral and Juicy

Tastes like:

White Peach, Grape Gum, Rose Tea, Lemongrass

Region: Inza, Cauca
Process: Washed
Varieties: Tabi, Caturra, Typica
Produced by: Maria Rosa Oidor


 Simplicity really is the best

Washed Colombians have been absolutely killer of late! This beautiful lot from Maria Rosa Oidor came across to us cupping like rose tea and lemongrass, we knew we had to have it! Normally I wouldn't expect anything too special about washed colombians, but this one was done so beautifully we had to roast it a few times to really nail it down


About the Coffee

Dona Maria is one dedicated producer and a symbol of women in coffee. At the age of 58, she is still directly involved in the picking of the cherries, still hiking up the steep mountainsides on her farm: Over 2000 metres over sea level! Together with her husband and three sons, she plants 3 different varieties of coffee despite the farms small size