Colombia Finca La Palma (Honey)

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Delicate and Floral

Tastes like:

Iced Lemon Tea, Peach, Elderflower, Red Apple

Region: Antioquia 
Process: Honey
Varieties: Caturra Chiroso
Produced by: Cafe de Santa Barbara, owned by the Echavarria Family


Have you had a coffee that was so mindblowingly strange that your taste buds tell you it's an Ethiopian Coffee but the packaging says it's from Colombia?

We are so glad to be featuring this beautiful honey processed, Caturra Chiroso variety from Finca La Palma in Antioquia, Colombia that is such a pleaser! Amazingly delicate and silky, it's one of a kind!


About the Coffee

This is a unique variety called Caturra Chiroso, which according to current research, is more closely related to Ethiopian Landraces varieties! it is a superb variety that cups almost like an african coffee, with floral sweet notes with its own delicate mouthfeel

This amazing farm is run by the Echavarria family and their company Cafe de Santa Barbara, that push the boundaries and work with their estates' natural ecosystem to produce amazing coffee through experimentation

On a picturesque mountainside in the hills of Antioquia sits Finca La Palma, one of 5 beautiful farms owned by Cafe de Santa Barbara. This is region where beautiful growing conditions such as microclimates, volcanic soil and high altitude meet the hard work and efficiency of the Echavarria Family whose legacy is in producing some of the most beautiful coffees in this region.