CAFEC Flower Dripper (Acrylic)

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Affordable and versatile, the Flower Dripper from CAFEC is the cone dripper you never know you needed - It's a great new first dripper if you're a new home brewer, and also offers a different kind of cone dripper for those of you that have been brewing with classic V60s for some time

The classic cone style with the large opening allows for unobstructed brewing, paired with an innovative Flower shaped ridge design that maximises flow rate by creating more space for grounds to expand

Our experiments have yielded some interesting results:

1. Increased aroma & sweetness, probably due to the increased flow of soluble sugars & aromatic compounds into the brew/decanter

2. Versatility - Fast and Slow pouring styles show a bigger change in results, as the unique shape of the ridges maximise any changes in flow rate. Great for experimenting with pour speeds!


We are currently carrying the clear plastic version of the Flower Dripper

- Unlike ceramic drippers, plastic absorbs heat and reaches thermal stability quicker! Less waiting time and less hot water wasted 

- Lighter & Easier to store, if you're not looking to fuss over where to keep it

- Durable: Need we say more? Don't worry about dropping it!

* Ceramic Dripper coming soon, if you really like that


1 Cup Flower Dripper is compatible with the CAFEC ABACA 1 Cup Filter Paper

2-4 Cup Flower Dripper is compatible with the CAFEC ABACA 2-4 Cup Filter Paper