Brazil Rio Brilhante Double Fermentation

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Tastes like:

Blueberry, Grape, Raisin, Milk Chocolate

Packed in 200g or 1kg roasted




Region: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil

Process: Double Fermentation

Varieties: Aramosa

Produced by: Inacio Carlos Urban


Other than the fact that it's super interesting to be drinking this one-of-a-kind unique lot, we find that it's a coffee that shows the potential that even big brazilian farms can produce amazing, interesting, juicy coffees that are unlike the well known nutty varieties that we find out in the market. It is a truly unique coffee, with a truly unique flavour. If you would like a comforting, yet tangy and juicy cup for the mornings, this coffee is for you

This coffee is interesting for 2 reasons

1. It is of the variety known as Aramosa: a hybrid of Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa. It is known for it's excellent cup quality, and lower caffeine content

2. It was processed with an experiment double fermentation technique. It involves both anaerobic and aerobic fermentation. In short, this process has a first section where the cherries are kept in large tanks where they ferment without carbon dioxide, before being allowed to dry partially before continuing an aerobic fermentation in sacks in a cool dry area. This allows it to retain it's clean texture and high quality flavour, yet keep the funk to a minimum!