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Tastes like:

Stonefruit, Funky Peach, Starfruit, White Grape

Packed in 200g roasted

Region: Valle De Cauca, Colombia
Process: Washed
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon
Produced by: Cafe Granja La Esperanza


Sometimes you love something because it's weird: This complex and interesting coffee from Cafe Granja La Esperanza screams it's unnaturally funky and tart notes in the sweetness and finish!

It definitely boasts a silky, easy-going body like you'd expect from a washed coffee. But don't be fooled: You'll get hit by notes of Funky peach, followed by juicy white grape. Let is cool down enough and it finishes off with Matcha. That's right, it's tart and sweet at the end like a green tea!