Fazenda Santa Antonio

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Comforting | Nutty | Fruity 

Tastes like:

Orange, Black Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut

Packed in 300g roasted


Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Process: Natural

Varieties: Yellow Catuai

Produced by: Yuki Minami

Sourced by: Mercanta Ltd

In the Cup

Sometimes you need a nice, balanced, sweet and comforting coffee for daily drinking. We tasted this lot and really enjoy the creamy mouthfeel, with a finish of Milk chocolate. These flavour elements bring comfortable, familiar flavours to every cup brewed! Great with espressos and batch brews


About The Minami Family

If you found that Yuki's name sounds Japanese, that's because her grandfather Goro Minami immigrated from Japan to Brazil in 1927 in search of the land of golden opportunity in coffee farming in this faraway land. Brazil is actually home to one of the largest populations of Japanese people outside of Japan


Learning to farm coffee in these early days, Goro and his wife Mitsuyo learned that it wasn't all gold and silver as the work was hard and the pay was minimal. Eventually, they managed to save enough money to buy a piece of land in Cerrado Mineiro, where their farm currently resides. 

The farm is currently run by Goro's son, Nicholau, and his granddaughter Yuki.

Yuki has a special interest in specialty coffee production, growing a variety of coffee cultivars like Red and Yellow Catuai, as well as Mundo Novo. 

Coffees are harvested, picked, and processed by drying directly. The cherries are meticulously monitored and turned 10 times a day to avoid undesired fermentation.

More information here!  https://www.coffeehunter.com/the-coffee/fazenda-santo-antonio/