Anasora One

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Tastes like:

Strawberry & Cherry Jam, Orange Blossom

Packed in 150g roasted


Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Process: Natural, One Layer Fermentation

Varieties: Mixed Heirloom

Produced by: Various Smallholders

Located at the Anasora Washing Station

Anasora One

It's not everyday you get an interesting & exclusive coffee quite like this

This is an exclusive, experimental one-layer fermentation dry natural technique by the Anasora washing station. This functions similar to most natural processed, except that for the first 5 days, the cherries are dried as a single layer to allow more airflow between the fruits. This results in a delicate, high quality flavour structure. Yet, it's been intensified to fully promote the flavour in each bean!

Laid out on a synthetic mesh, the cherries have to be evenly laid out as flat as possible to dry the outer pulp of the cherry uniformly

One of the most exciting coffees we have that promote processing and the cultivar of the land, we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do


In the Cup

Strawberry jam! An amazingly complex and layered. Soft, sweet, really jammy but super intense!